Curtain material is something out of the ordinary for me but on this occasion I can see why a brickbat is well deserved.

The new curtain material for our bedroom was very expensive and had to be specially ordered in from Irvine Merchant in Christchurch. The fabric is from Vriesoc International Fabrics who claim to be "a House of Happyness". My wife had carefully measured how much would be required allowing for the long pattern repeat so imagine her surprise, and very bad language on discovering that it had been pre-cut into the three pieces required.

Well actually it had not been precut as the pieces were from separate batches. These were tails of separate rolls in defferent colour batches.

Worse yet the print was skewed to the fabric, areas of print missing and generally even I could see that this is a rubbish fabric.

Now clearly this is not strictly the retailers (Kevans Curtains, Pukekohe) fault but they should surely be looking out for their customers, who with the best will cannot be as experienced as they are? Making sure that customers get good value for their dollar is a vitally important customer service, sadly Kevans Curtains don't seem to get it. If retailers fail to do this they will lose out to those (like L V Martin & Sons) who understand this things.

Apparently we won't be going back and strenuously recommed that you avoid the "House of Happyness"


Sadly I have to write about this shower again.

Mary unwisely thought that she should give Kevans another chance and has just finished an unpleasant visit to the Disputes Tribunal trying, unsuccessfully, to get her deposit back.

Kevens made a number if promises about when our new curtains would be delivered and in the end tried to cancel them. The upshot was the Disputes Tribunal who effected an unhappy compromise.

What was particularly irritating was that some of the 'evidence' was clearly constructed by Kevans after the event.

Overall these remain people to avoid.