xnet-logoI've been waiting for this for a long time. At last the vastly overpriced Telecom land line has gone.

We've been paying over $60 per month for years for this antique service but could not replace it with anything more modern due to the sad state of the Internet delivery in our remote part of the world (50km from the centre of New Zealands largest city, Auckland).

Now with the introduction of ADSL2 and some work on our part we have replaced the $60 telephone service with a $65 Naked Broadband service that includes a telephone line and of course broadband. Effectively paying $5 per month for broadband (plus $1 per GB for data over 5GB per month).

No more paid for "extras" like caller ID and voicemail either which are all included in the new service as well as some (like call forwarding) that we did not have before.

This was not a cost free exercise. In no particular order we had to:

  • Have our house wiring "fettled" which was done by "CoffeeBaron" whose contact details are on Geekzone. https://www.geekzone.co.nz/login.asp?ret_page=%2Fcompose_messages%2Easp%3Frecipient_user_id%3D24485
  • Change the burglar alarm monitoring to an Internet service (courtesy of Alarm NZ) https://alarmnz.com/Public/Technology/Broadband/DeviceServers/Default.aspx
  • Get a new router that could do "Quality of Service" to make sure that phone calls get priority. (I bought a Netcomm NB604N but most already have this feature).
  • Add an "Uninterrupted Power Supply" - basically a battery backup for the power - as the phone needs 240 volts.
  • Buy a VFX adapter from our provider Worldxchange http://help.xnet.co.nz/search/VFX+hardware

We did not need to change our ISP and so far call quality is excellent and, best of all, calls are much cheaper than with good old Telecom. (5ยข per minute to most places we call).

Payback for the change is less than a year which is pretty good by any standards plus we get the new features as a bonus.