HealthyBastardsThis has to be one of the best organised and most fun aviation events in New Zealand. 65 competitors, good commentary and a fun day out for the family.

I've just attended the second "Healthy Bastards" and it was even more fun than the first. (My enthusiasm may be biased by being second in the precision landing comps)

Very well done to the Marlborough Aero Club.

See some of the action here

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caa-logoThe CAA have finally seen sense over the Recreational Pilots License (RPL) and have now delegated management of the medicals to the pilots own doctor.

A vote of thanks must go to all those involved in getting this achieved.

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xnet-logoI've been waiting for this for a long time. At last the vastly overpriced Telecom land line has gone.

We've been paying over $60 per month for years for this antique service but could not replace it with anything more modern due to the sad state of the Internet delivery in our remote part of the world (50km from the centre of New Zealands largest city, Auckland).

Now with the introduction of ADSL2 and some work on our part we have replaced the $60 telephone service with a $65 Naked Broadband service that includes a telephone line and of course broadband. Effectively paying $5 per month for broadband (plus $1 per GB for data over 5GB per month). Add a comment

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Most impressed by the guys drilling our new well. Check out the time lapse video. Add a comment

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schuberth-c3-rider-communication-system-300x280We've had this for a few days now and finally seem to have mastered getting the rider to rider communications to work properly. It has to be said that once set up it's very good with some limitations but the set up is picky.

The bigest problem has been to get the rider to rider to play nicely with the Zumo GPS, I'm not sure if that's completely solved yet. I tried yesterday without listening to music and that was a big help. Add a comment

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Our vacuum cleaner broke and after a bit of research on the excellent Consumer website we selected a new machine based on their tests and recommendations.

Placing an online order with L V Martin & Son was a snap and they had dispatched the machine within a couple of hours. It may have been a quiet day in Johnsonville (near Wellington) but it's still quick. Even more surprising it was delivered on Waiheke Island the next morning.

Perhaps best of all the machine was $100 cheaper than Consumers target price. 10/10.

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In some ways this is not quite as good as the top line Nokia's, probably revealing the lack of time that Apple have been in this market.

I've waited until the third version of the iPhone (the 3GS), mostly because I was not willing to compromise on the lack of 'cut and paste'. Certainly I miss things like the voice dialing and voice caller announcement on the Nokia.

Battery life is certainly an issue (recharge each night) but overall the experience is very positive and I wouldn't go back.


The iPhone 4 really does change things again. Basically a huge improvement in reception over the 3GS, it works throughout our house, something the 3GS could never achieve. Don't believe the antenna stuff you may have read.

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This is a very worthwhile service allowing households or businesses to limit access to 'inappropriate' web sites. You get to make your own definition of inappropriate by creating an account.

Checkout Best of all it's free

I have noted though that some downloads can be dramatically slowed down if the service uses the DNS provider to work out where in the world you are to provide the closest server. iTunes was a problem for me



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This was an excellent venue for a party of 30-40. The staff were attentive, the team building exercise,billed as the 'Amazing Race', while slightly long, went off extremely well with all the participants having a really good time.

In the evening the food and service were first rate and Charlie the DJ got right into the swing of it. It would be hard to fault.

The hotel itself is suffering from a bit of deferred maintenance (it's gone into receivership) but it's not too bad. It will take some little money to get on top of.

The only drawback to the whole affair was the cost which seemed high for the booze but it was well worth the overall price to have the event go smoothly.

Sadly the resort has not been economically viable and the receivers have sold it to Dillworth School. I bet the pupils just love it.


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