P1080123We wake to the sound of the hydraulic winch lifting the tender out of the water. It has been an uncomfortable night (yes, probably partly the drinks last night) but mostly the roll of the boat wich increased with the wind about 4am.

Up on deck I'm pressed into service still in my dressing gown (I was only planning to make a cuppa) to get the wildly swinging tender into place. All accomplished without incident, including making the tea.

The wind and waves make for some green faces as we head back to Musket Cove and Mary's bedside table gets sluiced by the forward porthole not being properly secured. I have a go at clearing it up but have to head back upstairs before my internal gyro topples.

Everyone is pleased to get back to Musket Cove and a walk/windsurf/paddleboard/book are in order.

Dinner at the resort - avoiding the Mongolian barbecue this time - is pretty good and the local band play well known, sing along hits whist offering kava to one and all. Mary wisely avoids the kava this time, but we have a rendition of happy birthday and a happy anniversary for us.