IMG 0440What busy little tourists we are. First off a walk along the Van Gogh tourist trail, pictures of his located in areas where he might have painted them. Not bad actually.

This takes us to the Roman town (ruins of) Glanum which is surprisingly large, you'd never notice it from the road. Overall 3-4km perhaps and easy going.

The picture shows a part of the temple that they have restored so you can get a feel of how it must have been. There are exellent descriptive plaques around so you know what you are looking at. Another well worth while experience.

Getting back we have lunch at the Expedia (or some such) over the road from our lodgings. Sadly these are people for whom a simple salad is a problem. Where do they find them. Worse yet was the thump thump of what they seem to use as background music.  We won't be having dinner there.

After lunch we reluctantly (it's pretty hot today) don our m/c gear for trip to the castle at nearby Les Baux (apparently bauxite is named after this town) and shoot over there. Again it's well on the tourist track but what a splendid castle on top of a spectacular hill.

Perhaps the best news is that we were able to round off the visit with probably the best ice cream I have ever ever had. Simply amazing......IMG 0466

Dinner at the very handy Mistral Gormand is probably the best we have had in St Remy. Anoyingly it's the one we have had to walk past to get at the others.