IMG 0126Remarkably there was little (relatively) traffic on the M25 and M20 to Dover. We were expecting a Bank holiday rush as this is the end of summer in the UK but no jams or even congestion. Surprising.

The trip to the ferry was quite uneventful and indeed the Channel like a millpond. The only thing that marred the quiet was the shouting school children that flooded the boat. I felt old.

The Peage down to Abbeville and our first night at the hotel Jean De Bruge in St Riqure was quick with a few spits of rain. I made some kind of mistake with the unattended fuel bowser and got charged 130 euros for the fill. This is twice what it should have been and I can only assume that I did not hang up the pump properly and the next guy used our credit. Lacking a receipt I dont think there is much we can do about it. Learn a lesson I guess.

IMG 0128


We'd hoped for dinner at the Auberge du Pont which was so good last time but (understandably) it's closed down. Dinner at the Cafe de l'Abbaye in the square in St Riquair is very good and popular as well as much nearer as it's started to rain heavily here.

Apart from the fuel the only mishap so far is forgetting a phone charger for the cheepo Samsung phone.